Are you planning for Indore trip? In this tour guide, you will know about exciting things to do in Indore. It is one of the cleanest city in India. As this state is almost middle of the country as per geographical location. So, popular as Madhya Pradesh. This state is famous for its heritage, art and culture. Apart from it, there are some hill stations and natural waterfalls in this region which are magnificent for those if you love nature.

Visiting Indore is also exciting for food lovers who can try some tasty and spicy street foods. Especially, stalls at famous markets of Indore are must-try.

I visited some tourist places in Indore in three days. If you have less time then you can go for sightseeing at famous places of this city.

Things to Do in Indore

Day 1: Street Food and Local Markets

My first day in Indore was very lazy. I tried poha this day. It was very spicy, unlike other places, served with spicy pulses. If you want to try something spicy then it is a nice dish for breakfast.

I spent my whole day at our stay. There is a market and food corners famous for street food. Multiple dishes are available in these markets which are comparatively cheaper than other places I’ve visited. I could not visit night chaupati. But it’s famous among food lovers.

Day 2: Local Sightseeing

This day I visited a palace and a zoo in Indore which was a bit far from our stay. The Palace is Lal Bagh Palace which is a museum with antiques and was a residential palace of royal families of the former rulers of this region. It was built by rulers of Holkar dynasty around 1850-1900 ad. This is a nice palace with magnificent architecture and design.

There are many unique kind of antiques in this palace with statues of tigers and many more. Also, some peoples consider it to be one of the haunted places of Indore.

Places to visit in indore
Indore Night View

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Rajwada Palace in Indore

After this, we headed to a Zoo in Indore which was almost near to the palace. The name of this zoo is Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya. I found that this zoo gives a lot of space to birds and animals which is very essential for them. This zoo provides wildlife species a natural atmosphere, which is very praise-worthy.

There are many animals and some beautiful birds as well in the zoo. If you love birds and animals then this may be a perfect place to visit in Indore. The best thing I like, is the white color peacock(Peafowl). The sweet voices makes it very interesting.

Day 3: Time for Pack-up

This day I spent some time at some other tourist attractions. Especially, Rajwada palace. And, then came back to my hometown in the evening. It was really very nice to be there. There are many places you can visit in Indore. But, it’s all about the time you have.

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FAQ’s of Things to Do in Indore

Q1. Which are best attractions of this city?

You can visit historical places including Rajwada and Lal bagh palace. Also, Zoo and street food cornors are some other things to do in this city.

Q2. How can I reach here?

You can book flights, train, or bus to reach this beautiful city. It’s well connected with other cities of India.

Q3. How many days do I need for local sightseeing?

You will need atleast 2 days to visit popular attractions of this place.

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