Indian railway is one of the largest railway networks in the world. It is the lifeline of India. This is the most common and convenient mode of transportation.

The management of such a large network is not easy. The railway is the largest source of Income for the Indian Government. On a regular basis, around 23 million peoples travel on Indian railways. So, no doubt this is the most crowded mode of transportation.

indian railways
Indian Railway

Traveling on the Indian railway is a good experience. However, there are some negative points. Like a coin has two faces, it also has bright and dark faces. The pro and cons of traveling on the Indian railway are as below


  • The cost of travel via Railways is affordable. It is very less as compared to other modes of transportation like buses, and flights.
  • Travel time is less as compared to the bus because the route of the railway is the shortest for most of the travel routes.
  • This is expanded to almost all major cities of India except some hilly areas of the northeast. Otherwise, all popular places of the country are well connected by rail network. So, this is easy to travel by train.
  • Traveling on Indian railways is comfortable. You can book tickets for various classes which are AC, Sleeper, Second sitting, and general class according to your needs.


  • Cleanliness in trains is not good. However, the Indian railway is doing its best to make it clean. But due to the non-awareness of passengers, it is not as clean as it should be.
  • Seats are not comfortable even in reserved classes. This is not applicable to all trains, but in a few trains due to non-maintenance.
  • The Indian railway is the most crowded transportation in India. Sometimes, It’s like winning an oscar to travel by train because of a large number of passengers.
  • The speed of trains is not so good. However, some superfast trains take very less time to reach their destination. These are Gatiman Express, Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express, Chetak Express, and many more.
  • The security of traveling on Indian trains is not reliable. You have to take care of your luggage on your own because of the lack of security officials.

Personal tips

  • Make sure to put your luggage near your seats. Also, keep your wallets and essentials in the safe zone
  • Book your tickets in advance to avoid the heavy rush in trains. General and second-sitting classes are the most crowded. So, avoid traveling in these classes
  • Follow the rules and regulations while traveling on the train

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Indian railways condition
Railway track

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