Jaigarh fort is located on a hill in Jaipur. This fort is surrounded with beautiful landscapes. It is famous for a canon which is one of the largest canons of the world.


This fort was built by Jai Singh II. It was built between the 15th to the 18th century. A tunnel that connects Jaigarh fort to amber fort. but, for security reasons, this is closed for public use.

This fort provides protection to amber fort. It is situated on a hill which is known as “chill ka tila” (hill of eagles). Jaigarh fort is one of the strongest forts of Jaipur.

About Jaigarh

This fort is unique from other forts of Jaipur. There are canals, water sewerage system in this fort. The tunnels of freshwater and wastewater stores water.

Jaibaan Canon

This fort is famous for Jaibaan canon. This is one of the biggest canons in the world. This is a canon on large wheels.

Jaivaan canon

Art Gallary

An art gallery with antiques and jewellery is must visit in this fort. You can buy Rajasthani style sari’s, jewellery or paintings from this gallery.

Above all, this art gallery is wonderful. Those antiques and the paintings are things of attraction.

Painting in Art gallery

Famous in Jaipur

Best places to visit in Jaipur


  1. World’s largest canon known as Jai Baan
  2. Water harvesting system
  3. views of landscapes and Jal mahal from the top
  4. An art gallery and, armour museum
  5. Tunnel from amber fort to Jaigarh fort

Armour Museum

There is a museum in this fort. You can see armours, weapons, and some canons of the royal army.

This museum is not as good as the city palace, however, the canons and armours are interesting.

Armoury in Jaigarh fort

Ultimate guide before visting Amber Fort

Personal experience

Firstly, I took the tickets and headed inside. After some time, A guide came to me. I hired him. Further, he told me all about the fort. It was interesting to know about this place, In other words, this is an awesome heritage of Rajasthan.

This is a pleasant place because of the history and the views around this fort.

Tips to Know before visiting Jaigarh fort

  • As it may be tiring to visit this place, so bring a water bottle
  • Keep away from non-registered fake guides
  • Make bookings in advance to avoid any hassle

Best Time to Visit Jaigarh Fort

The best time to visit jaigarh fort is the winter season. You can also visit this place in summer, but this city is so hot at this time.

How to reach Jaigarh fort :

This is about 7-8 km from the city. You can reach here by taxi or cab. You can also hire an auto. It costs approximately 400 to 500 rs to reach here.

Ticket :

The ticket to visit jaigarh fort is 70 rupees for an Indian tourist.

Guide :

Tour guides are easily available here. The charges Start from 100 rupees for hiring a local guide. Hiring a guide is good so, you can know about this fort.

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