Jaipur is the pink city of India. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in India. Indeed it’s an amazing destination to visit but there are some other things of Jaipur which you should know.

  • Over-Population: 

Jaipur is among the most crowded cities. This is the capital of Rajasthan, so people from different places come here for work or studies. As it’s among metro cities, Jaipur is facing over-population.

Traveling in the city bus and metro in Jaipur is not easy. Public transport is overcrowded including the city bus and metro train. There are no rules in such over-crowded transport modes.

personal tips:

  • Book a cab or auto 
  • Wear a mask (if possible)
  • Know about the location before your visit 

  • Cleanliness:

       Cleanliness in Jaipur is not good. Though it’s the capital of Rajasthan, cleanliness is not good. For sure, there are some places which have good cleanliness but as the capital of the state, it’s not as it should be. Over-filled garbage bins and uncleaned roads are common here in Jaipur.

Although peoples are getting aware of cleanliness, it’s taking time to change the mentality of peoples. Most of the public is not aware of this. Even now, the condition of cleanliness is not good in Jaipur.

Personal tips:

  • Don’t throw waste on streets
  • Try to aware peoples about cleanliness

  • Traffic:

       As with the increasing population, traffic is also getting a steep rise. Almost everyone has personal vehicles,  which causes traffic. This is one of the problems which Jaipurites are facing every day.


  • Wear a helmet while riding a bike
  • Follow the rules

  • Communicable diseases:

Jaipur is a city where most tourists come.  Sometimes they bring communicable diseases. The most common is “Swine flu”. This is a fatal disease and is similar to common flu so it’s diagnosis is not easy. This a viral infection so, better to stay away from it.


  • Wear a mask in crowded areas
  • Don’t eat any street food
  • Regularly visit for health check-ups

  • Beggars:

Those who don’t want to work comes to public places and beg for money. Some peoples give them money. This is how they become habitual beggars, even if they can find some other work. 

Maybe there are some peoples who actually need help but, most of them are lazy. It makes a poor image of the city in front of tourists.

  • Don’t give them money
  • Give them food/clothes/ something useful

  • Prostitution:

Last but not least, prostitution in Jaipur. Most of the prostitutes do this forcefully. As most of them don’t use safety precautions, it’s harmful to society. It causes diseases like STD’s, HIV and some other untreatable fatal diseases.

  • Stay away from such things 
  • Be safe
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These are the things to know about Jaipur. If you think this post is useful, drop a comment below. If have any suggestions or ideas, let me know.
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