“It green water, the landscapes, fountains, boating, and the magnificent views are not less than a paradise”.

This is a lake in Mount Abu, which is the most popular hill station of Rajasthan. The landscapes all around the lake are amazing. Stunning views from the top are really awesome. It can be a perfect location for nature lovers to spend holidays with friends or family. This lake is among one of the best lakes of Rajasthan.

Boating is available but don’t forget about safety and make sure to take a life-jacket. Cleanliness at this lake is impressive. Most of the tourists take care of this.

As it was morning, the views were fine, but after some time sun rays interfering the views. This lake is surrounded by beautiful peoples all around. They were taking pictures, and relaxing and trying to forget all the problems they face in their lives. This is the purpose of travel to forget all the worries. Isn’t it?

No matter the place is near or far to your home, its just making you better.

Attractions :

  • Lake
  • fountains
  • Chaupati
  • Garden near lake
  • Food restaurants
  • Boating
  • Bharat Mata Temple near the lake

The heart-touching views of this lake from a rock, known as Toad rock are magnificent. You can see the natural views of this town from the top, But for getting such views, you have to cross too many steps. I am sure that it will be definitely an enjoyable moment to reach the top.

Personal tip –
Safety is really necessary while visiting such places. Mostly when it’s a hill or a water body like this. Better to keep your photography enthusiasm in your pocket while visiting such places.

This area is a wild area. There are many bears in this wild area so better to know about this place by a tour guide or local personnel before visiting such places(Toad Rock).

As this is a hill station, hotel stay may be a bit expensive. So keep your wallet well. The food is very delicious and can find some unique flavors in it. Mostly Gujarati dishes(with sweetness) are available.

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