The chirping of birds, mesmerizing sound of surroundings, those fountains in the lake and peoples taking selfies near the lake, are the things which were making the scene much better. 

This is a beautiful lake in Ajmer which is surrounded by landscapes. These are enchanting and gives relaxation. Not even just peoples, birds of other countries attract to such beautiful places. Migrating birds can be seen here in the winter season. This is a good spot to spend some time.

For bird and nature lovers, this is a nice place. This lake is an artificial lake of sweet water which was built by Arnav Raj Chauhan known as Anaji. Along with those mountains, there are some fountains inside this lake. This is the best place to visit in Ajmer city. At the entry gate of this lake, you can try some snacks.

We also visited Pushkar after this lake. This is about 3 km from Ajmer railway station.
We reached here by cab, though you can also hire an auto.


  • Migrating birds
  • Boating
  • Views of landscapes
  • Garden

Its cleanliness is fine and we all should take care of it while visiting such places.

Its crowded on holidays. The natural views are magnificent near this lake. The curves of landscapes with those greeneries are really grateful. Fishes in the lake, as well as the pelican and some other ducks, are things which gives a positivity and good vibes. I fed the fishes as this is allowed there to feed them.

This is also a good place for someone who likes to see and photograph migrating birds, like pelican, blackbirds, and some other Siberian birds and cranes.

personal tip-
Be aware of pickpocketers as this is crowded on holidays. Keep your wallets and mobile in safe side. Make sure to keep at a proper distance from the lake.

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You can reach here by train or bus easily. Ajmer is also a railway junction so its easy to get a train from major stations.


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