Cleanliness in Indore is so good and impressive. Roads are clean in this city without any waste or garbage. Peoples do not throw wastage on the streets and sideways. This is the reason that Indore is so clean city in India. It also shows that India is growing. As the peoples of this city are aware of cleanliness. So, Indore is the cleanest city in India.

Why Indore So Clean
Indore City

Cleanliness in Indore

Most of the metro cities are facing the problem of cleanliness. However, some are so clean. Increasing the population, lack of awareness and corrupt system is the reason for this condition. Peoples blame the government and the government blame peoples for their unawareness. We can only solve this problem if both peoples and government work together.

For making a city clean, proper planning is really necessary. It is not possible without proper planning. As a government, they can appoint employees for cleanliness and they can make some special departments for it.

The government can initiate Awareness of cleanliness. But, as a citizen, peoples should be aware and make sure about cleanliness in their city and the places they visit. They can also spread awareness through social media and other options.

Why Indore is so Clean

  • Awareness by Government
  • Proper Collection and Recycling of garbage
  • The contribution of Citizens
  • Support of Local organizations and communities

Here in Indore, both government and peoples are working together. This is the only reason behind its cleanliness. However, some exceptions are present everywhere, But most of the peoples are aware of cleanliness.

Night View of Indore
Night View of City

Indore is ranked on top position in Cleanliness for the second time. Some politicians also worked for this cleanliness with “cleanliness projects”. This is also famous as “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan”. No other government worked before for cleanliness. There are many peoples who worked for this cleanliness. So, thankful to everyone who worked for it.

Streets of Indore

Even the walls in sideways of road have beautiful paintings and slogans of cleanliness. It is a part of awareness by authorities which is praiseworthy. The Proper collection of garbage is also done every day in which separate wet and dry wastage is collected by these departments.

Recycle process is also necessary after it’s collection. Trash and garbage bins are placed everywhere in the city. Public utilities also lies at certain distances.

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Other than Indore, Chandigarh is also a clean city of India. This is also well planned and beautiful city of India. Indore is a city with proper planning. Roads are wide and, the market is well arranged and peoples are so nice. There are many places to visit in this city.

Annapurna Temple in Indore
Annapurna temple

Annapurna temple is an amazing example of architecture in Indore. It magnifies the peace and Hinduism. This temple of goddess Annapurna is famous because of its religious importance.

What do you think about this cleanliness of Indore? How can we improve and aware peoples about cleanliness? You can share your views below.

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  1. Ramesh singh says:

    Yes. Indore is a good city. I am proud of my city. Thanks

  2. yeah! It is very impressive city. By the way, I visited that city. I am not from Indore.

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