It’s great to earn while you travel to new places. everyone want to earn, but It’s not easy. To earn in a new city first you need to figure out if what can you do to earn. For some it’s teaching while for some it’s an activity like dance training, gym trainer or a cook.

I think everyone know something or good at something. So, why not use your skill and talent to earn even in travel. Believe me, it gives a lot of happiness when you earn by such things.

For music lovers, they can sing a song, or play an instrument at a hotel, restautrant or even a street. If no one knows you in the city, then why getting shy. There is no one who will insult you or make fun of you. Right? So, better to go ahead and do something that you know or just try.

If you don’t know what you can do to earn, here is a list of things which can give you some ideas. Always remember, You can’t earn a lot of money, you can get money to buy some food, or pay hotel/hostel bill. So, don’t over-expect and stick to it.

1. Sing a song or play a musical instrument at street /club / restaurant
2. Find a job of cook/ helper at a restaurant/ hotel
3. Teach at tuition classes or a school (only if you are good in any subject)
4. Buy and Sell-
Buy something and sell at more price than you bought. You can sell items on streets but, it takes time.
5. Dance at a public place like a Hotel, or a Show ( Start from streets)
6. Do photography ( But it doesn’t pay enough)

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I want to know what you will do when you are out of your money and stucked at a new place, where you don’t know anyone.

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