Most of us think that they need pretty much money for travel. But the reality is that you need time instead of money. “Time is Money”. I am going to share tips which may be useful while visiting new places.

#1 Make A Plan And Schedule

If you know the time you have to spend, you can estimate the money you have to spend every day. Daily cost should not extend your budget.

#2 Choose A Less Costly And Safe Mode Of Transportation

As you have to spend lesser money, the mode of your transportation should be reliable and money saving. It maybe trains, bus or plane, But if you really want to save money then
Train > Bus > Plane
I repeat, “Time = Money”

#3 Crosscheck Cost Of Hotel Booking On Different Websites

Cost of stay is mostly a burden sometimes when we want to save money. Its cost is high as we expect. But to reduce it, check the price of the same hotel at least 2-3 website/apps. It gives the idea of actual cost. But if it’s a popular destination or a hill station, get ready to make your wallet light.

#4 Choose Destination Wisely

If you don’t have a tight budget, don’t choose a location which is costly. Make sure to check the cost of a hotel, transportation, and accommodation.

#5 Travel With Friends Or Family

Solo travel is costly. If you want to reduce the cost, ask your friends or family members to join. It will reduce the cost to stay. Though other expenses will be the same as solo travel. No doubt you can save some money for your next trip.

#6 Know About City Before Trip

If you know the local transport options before travel, you can save money. If you use a cab or personal taxi, it costs much. But if a city bus or a sharing auto, then money saving become easy. You can use this money for the next trip.

#7 Food At Hotels Is Costly

Most of the time, as we are new to a city, we take our food from the hotel we stay as it’s convenient but it’s costly than a local Restaurant. Local restaurants also give delicious food at comparatively low prices.

#8 Choose A Sharing Room Instead Of Single Room

Sharing or dormitory rooms are not as costly as a single room. Though it’s not as easy and comfortable, you have to adjust if want to save money. From my personal experiences, I didn’t face any problems. You can meet new peoples when you book a sharing room. It will save enough money to spend one more day or use it next time.

Hope these tips are useful. If have any doubts, you are free to ask or share anything. your feedback will be appreciated.

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