7 Photography Tips to Take Awesome Pictures

Photography is an art if you do it like a creative artist. It needs a lot of time, passion and practice. Photography is an over-crowded profession, so to stand out of the rest, you need to practice photography. Every photographer has their own style of photography, but keeping these tips in mind can give you some awesome pictures.

1. Camera Angle

The camera angle is the most important aspect of photography. It is something that shows the picture in a unique way. It may be an experiment with your camera. There is no definite method or trick to do this.

perfect scene
A lake

Tips- Visit some photo blogs, follow individual photographers on social media and visit art galleries to get some ideas and creativity.

2. Lightening

Lights play an important role in all kinds of photography. Natural light is much better than artificial. The advantage of natural light is that it does not affect the colors and contrast of an object.

For natural lights, shoot in the morning time or schedule shoot according to the need of lights. Additionally, you can keep your lights with you in case of emergency but, don’t rely on it.

3. Background

It is another thing you need to know about photography. Background can be artificial or natural but, I will recommend a natural background. Know about the requirement of your shoot and choose the background accordingly.

You can pick a natural view, any heritage place, beach or anything else accordingly. Know about the location, and budget so that you can pick the right one. A good picture always has an awesome background.

4. Know your camera

It makes easy to operate your camera if you know about it. Read the camera guide and user manual of the camera you have to use. Visit it’s manufacturer website and know your device.

After it, practice with different modes and settings; for example, change the ISO, aperture, modes, lens, lights, and background to know which one works best for you.

5. Additional Equipment

Additional equipment is so useful in photography. If you have a tripod, extra lens, filters, storage cards then it helps a lot. Sometimes, storage and batteries become a big issue especially for beginners so, always keep spare storage cards and batteries to avoid such situations.

6. Good Editing

Editing is the final stage of photography. It makes the picture better. Improve colors, and lights by using it but over-editing may also destroy original colors so, keep it in mind.

Use some filters, effects, and background according to requirement. You can use some software available for free and paid both. The good thing is that you can also edit your photographs on your cellphone.

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7. Use Leading Lines

These are vertical and horizontal lines on your camera screen when you take pictures. In short, it shows the angle of your photo. Always use these lines in your device after examining the scene.

A beautiful Duck

These are some tips you should keep in mind and practice to take better pictures. I hope you like it. You can also share your views in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe.


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