Rajasthan is a land of warriors and Braveheart peoples. Here you see many colours like heritage, culture, natural beauty, landscapes, and those pleasant lake’s. All such things attract tourists from all around the world. There are many things to do here in rajasthan. This is one of the diverse place of India. The atmosphere changes in different parts of this state.

Reasons Why Rajasthan Is Best For Solo Travel

  • Friendly peoples
  • A lot of tourist places
  • Safety is good
  • Free wi-fi
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Easy transportation
  • Delicious food

Friendly Peoples

Peoples in Rajasthan are friendly and helping. You can talk to them and ask freely if in need. Most of the peoples know English so asking them in English is not a problem as the Indian education system have the importance of English. 

A lot Of Tourist Places  

Rajasthan is a combination of many things like culture, heritage, food, lakes and all natural places. It’s a complete package for solo travel. 

Safety Is Good

No place is as safe but as compared to most other places, It’s safe. Though accidents may happen anywhere But by keeping in mind some safety tips, it’s a good place even for solo travelers. 

Free Wi-Fi

In hotels or hostels, free wifi is available. As it’s convenient to stay connected with friends during our journey. It may be great to get free wifi. 

Affordable Accommodation

The cost of a hotel or hostel stays is really affordable. Even for solo birds, it’s good except hill station like Mount Abu. Stay cost is affordable for most of the places in Rajasthan. 

Easy Transportation

It’s easy to go from one city to another by any mode of transportation. Most of the cities are well connected by road and rail. You can pick up a train, bus or plane according to suitability. 

Delicious Food

Food has many flavours in Rajasthan. Indeed it’s tasty and spicy as well as sweets are also very nice to try. Many dishes are available in hotels and restaurants including spicy and unique flavours. 
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