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Gujarat science city is a science park in Ahmedabad with a museum. A 3-D theatre along with a demonstration of basic concepts of science gives importance of science in everyday life.

Gujarat science city is located 17 km from Ahmedabad. It is a huge park with different sections including an amphitheater, garden, 3-d cinema hall, and a museum.

At the entrance of this place, there are details of scientists with their research works. The demonstration of missiles with their details. Also, a spectacular 3-D cinema where you can watch a movie.

After some time, we headed to the museum with all the explanations of the science concepts. You can experience the demo of science projects in this park.

missiles in science city ahmedabad
GSLV in science city

The earth city is another part of this place. It is a wonderful place that is in the shape of the earth. There are separate portions of different branches of science. For example physics, agriculture, chemistry, and engineering.

earth city museum
Earth city

All the concepts with demonstration give an idea of basic knowledge of science. These are optical fiber, water treatment, types of lens, gravity and many more.

There are some interesting things in this park. These are the statues of space scientists and spaceships. Although, you can also experience a ride in a demo spaceship

This park is a good place for an educational tour. After visiting this park, You can understand the importance of science in daily life.

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How to reach Gujarat Science City

This is 17 km away from the city. You can either pick a bus from Kalupur railway station to Gujarat science city which takes an hour or hire an Auto to reach here.

Entry Fee to visit Gujarat Science City

The entry fee is 10 rupees. You have to pay individually for different sections of this park. The total cost maybe 350 rs including movie tickets(250rs.) and other experiences in this park.

Sculptures in museum
Sculptures in the museum

Timings to visit Gujarat science city

The visiting time is 10:30 am to 7:30 pm.


  • 3-D cinema hall
  • Earth city
  • Science museum
  • Garden
  • Demo spaceship
A statue in gujarat science city museum
A statue in museum

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