Indian food is rich in spices which have a different variety of flavors. It is spicy and flavourful. This is a list of Street food, you must try in India.

Pani Puri 

Pani-Puri is the most favorite street food. It is a round shape puri. Flavorful water makes it tasty.

This is one of the most common and favourite street food of India. This is also famous as “Pani-patasha”, “Pani-puri” and “Puchka”.

Kachori and Samosa

Kachori and Samosa is another famous street food of India. It is tasty and spicy.

Vada Pav

This is a bread with sauce and chutney. The toppings of snacks (namkeen) make it delicious. This is the most popular street food in the Maharashtra state of India.
1 piece = 10-20 rs.  

Pav Bhaji 

A pav is a piece of bread. It can be served with Bhaji which is a mixture of vegetables. Onion toppings make it tasty. 

1 plate = 30 rs.  

Masala Dosa

Masala-Dosa is south-Indian food. Coconut-Chutney and spicy sauces make it flavourful.

1 plate = 25-30 rs.

Chowmin and Manchurian 

This is a famous Chinese dish. But, In India, it has spicy flavors. It can be Serve with buttercream toppings. 

1 plate = 40-50 rs.


Bhel-Puri is a dish from South India. It is flavourful street food available on street-stalls. It is a mixture of spices and snacks.

1 plate = 20 rs.   

Aloo Bada

It is a crunchy and spicy dish. They make it with potatoes and then fry it.

1 plate = 10 rs.  

This is all about the Most Favourite street food in India. You can comment below to share your views.  

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