This is an agropark which is built in an old way. It’s best place for fun and adventure in Indore. Activities like climbing on a rope, monkey ride and some other amusements. These physical activities make it an adventurous place. Even kids also like spending time here in this park, as there are many activities for all age groups. 

A view from tree house
As it was noon, weather was sunny. We took tickets which cost 160 rs. per person and extra charge of about 100 rs. including other activities like boating, and some other activities. This charge is not much for such enjoyable activities. After entrance we took dinner, as there is an special arrangement for dinner. 
After taking dinner we headed to experience some activities. There are tree houses which is amazing. Climbing and coming down from those tree house is so exciting. This is a place where you feel that you are very close to the nature. It makes an charming atmosphere as there is a open space and farm here which we can’t see in crowded cities. It’s about 7-8 kilometres from the city.

There were many trees and some beautiful flowers also. I felt relaxed here. Spending a day here in this park is really great. 
Personal Tips
Along with all the activities, fun and enjoy, It’s very important to be careful. Make sure to not being over-excited to avoid any injury. I know better as I was injured while climbing rope. 
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Attractions of tafreeh park

  • Boating
  • DJ party
  • Adventurous activity
  • Farm
  • Tree house
  • Shower party
Boating at a lake in this park is pleasant. Ducks and all atmosphere around it made a beautiful scene when I was in boat. Although I liked many other things here so it’s a bit difficult to choose one or two activity. It will take about 6-7 hour to enjoy freely here in this park.

Things to know before visit

  • Tafreeh park- an agropark
  • Location- 8 km from Indore
  • Ticket- 160 rs. + 100 rs(for extra activities)
  • Time taken to visit- 6-7 hours
  • Timings – From 10am to  6pm
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