Udaipur is known as lake city. The lakes are the things which give good vibes and gives a positivity if we spend some time there.

A few days ago I visited this lake which is no doubt a really beautiful and an awesome place.

“The blowing wind, Stunning Landscapes, Blue water in the lake, The crowd, A palace in the lake, and Those greeneries all around makes this lake a grateful place.

The wind was blowing and giving me pleasure. I think not everyone can feel it, but every time I go such places, I definitely feel it. After few footsteps, I saw a binocular to see the palace in the lake, which is known as Jagmandir and Jagniwas Mahal Palace.

Attractions :

  • Palace
  • Reflections of Palace
  • Landscapes all around the lake
  • Boating
  • Chaupati
  • Migrating Birds near the lake

The reflections of the palace can be seen in the lake. This palace is now a royal hotel which is so expensive for budget travelers. The ups and downs of landscapes make it a magnificent view. Aravali mountain range is so bright in this city. Some patterns look like an illusion, but its real by the way.

The crowd all around the lake is enchanting and makes the surroundings inspiring. It’s a perfect place to relax with friends or family. No doubt it is also a good place for solo travelers like me who loves to travel alone.

Boating is also available which can be an amazing experience. For having such experience you have to take tickets and make sure about safety. As I was alone, I first saw a lake which was a small one, known as “Dudhtalai”(In English- A lake of Milk). This is also a nice lake. I also tried “pani-puri” at a chaupati near this lake, then moved to see Lake Pichola.

    I spent some time sitting and relaxing on the bays of this lake. The wind was blowing and the sound of the crowd all around was encouraging me. I saw a palace in between lake, which is no doubt amazing. Then, after all, I bought an ice cream and came back to the station to pick my train.

History :

This lake was built in 13th century by a banjara (Man belongs to a tribe), during reign of Maharana Lakha. Later on, Maharana Udai singh expanded this lake and built a dam on this lake. Palace and temples were built at this lake. Jagmandir palace and jagniwas mahal were built. A Mughal emperor visited this lake and was impressed by this lake and he got an inspiration to make “Taj Mahal” by views of reflection of palace in this lake.

Best time to visit :

Evening and morning are the best time to visit this lake. The reflections of palace in the lake can be seen anytime.

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