Wildlife photography is a very nice thing to do. You can see many colorful and unique species. It’s not just about birds, you also feel those cranes and flamingo. It’s pleasant to see those birds and animals. I visited some lake’s, Zoo, and Sanctuaries for having such an experience. The places I visited are below

  • Jaipur Zoo
  • Nahargarh Eco Park
  • Gurla (Bhilwara)
  • Chawandiya (Bhilwara)
  • Maota Lake (Jaipur)
  • Indore Zoo 
  • Other wildlife area’s(Unknown)

Jaipur Zoo

This is a good place for having views of wild animals and birds. There are many varieties of birds and animals in this zoo. animals like tiger, lion, elephant are attractions in this zoo. Though mammals like a snake, elegator can be seen here.

If you like birds and cranes, you can find both here in this zoo if lucky. Painted stork crane, colored birds like a cocktail, and other species are good to know about.

Places to visit in Jaipur

Nahargarh Eco-Park

This is a biological park. Here you see wild animals in cages. Mostly I saw a tiger and lion. This is a reserved area of the city. It’s far from the city so it’s calm to spend some time here.
On the way to this park, we saw shops of stone works and elephant on the sideways of the highway. The sculptures on the way are attractive and statue’s of some well-known peoples are eye-catching.

elephant image

Gurla (Bhilwara)

Flamingo’s wishing good morning

This is a town about 20 kilometers from Bhilwara. If you want to see wildlife or migrating birds like flamingo’s and blackbirds, then visit this place during the winter season. Flamingo is one of the most beautiful birds which may attract anyone. Its colors are really enchanting. These keep a distance from humans especially. Keeping a proper distance is fine while having views of such species. Binoculars are very useful for such clear views.

Chawandiya Bhilwara

If you love Siberian crane’s and migrating species then this lake is another place you can visit. Here I found painted stork crane. These are migrating species and comes from colder places to Asian countries like India and so on. It’s about 25 kilometers from the city. This type of crane lives with other kinds of birds. As this is in a town, though not much crowded. Morning time before horizontal sunrays are the best timing to visit such birds and cranes.
Best Time to visit- Winter

Maota Lake

This is a lake in front of the amber fort in Jaipur. You can find some species of birds at this lake. As this place is surrounded by wild area so some animals like Cheetah and lions can be found in the forest area.
personal tip- Gather information about the area before your visit to a place you don’t know. don’t go to an unknown place without having proper guidance.

Here I also found some other birds near another lake in amber town. If we see all around then maybe there is something new we didn’t expect.

Wildlife Area/Unknown Locations

Lake, wild and place far from the dense area are the hub of wildlife species. Most birds are found near the lake far from the city/town. Being safe is always good.

Personal tips:

It may be useful if you love wildlife photography-

  • Read the newspaper to know about places where you can find wildlife
  • Ask peoples around you about the places like a lake, wild area, reserved area or any sanctuary. 
  • Follow peoples who do have same interest like you 

Indore Zoo

This is one of the best place for having a good experience of wild. You can see animals like lion, tiger, parrots, white peacock and many more. You can take stunning views and pictures of such wild preserved species. This is a large zoo with many animals and birds. The care-taking and cleanliness is impressive.

A trip to Indore Zoo

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