Umaid palace is located at Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Its beautiful design, artifacts, and paintings in the museum, and the purpose of its making shows the royalty of that time. This is also a luxury hotel on one side of this palace. 

This palace was built by a British architect as this region was under British rule. This design is an example of indo-western architecture which is also known as beaux-arts. It was made by Sandstone, Marble and some wooden look finishing.

As jodhpur was facing drought, due to which farmers could not farming. It was making the condition of unemployment in the state. To recover from this situation, the Former ruler of Jodhpur, “Umaid Singh” decided to build a palace, which is “Umaid Bhavan Palace”.

As it’s located out of the city, you have to reach here by cab or auto. Then after taking tickets which costs 30Rs. Security guards give a warm welcome at entry gates. One side of the palace is a museum and other is a hotel. A garden in this palace is also a good place to relax.

Jodhpur is a good place for those who want to visit historical places though there are lake’s and desert safari in the city available, and places like Mehrangarh and Mandore are other attractions.

One side of this palace is a royal heritage hotel. It may be much expensive to stay at this hotel. Though you can feel it by visiting this museum in the palace which exactly gives a feel of a royal palace even if you don’t have much money.

A museum with artifacts like clocks, and other antiques. This gives a historical and royal feel of the conserved things. This monument is about 80-90 years old.  It was built in 1930. It literally represents the royal lifestyle even at that time.

The paintings on wall and ceilings are very fascinating and alluring. Some portraits and group paintings are some beautiful creations of the palace. Designs made of Stone are also good. Audio guide and details of historical facts are available in the palace.


  • Garden
  • Antiques and conserved clocks
  • Paintings


It takes about 1 hour to visit this palace. The best time to visit is the afternoon or morning

How to reach: 

You can reach here by cab or auto as its about 5 km from the city

This is an example of heritage and royal place. It’s magnificent architecture and beautiful design with those preserved antiques and paintings on walls are not less than something alluring. As this is a large monument, it can be seen from other historical places like Mehrangarh fort and other too.

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