Pushkar is known for Camel fair and its rich culture. This fair is generally organised in months of november. Riding a camel maybe a great experience in Pushkar. 

Camel Ride is one of the best experiences you can experience in Pushkar. This ride is much better than anything else you can. The time it stands up, is breathtaking if you are sitting on it’s back as it bents forward. The best thing during this experience comes when it runs on deserts.

Camel is mostly found in Rajasthan. Around 70 Percent of camels are found in Rajasthan in total camel of Rajasthan. So You can find camels easily in almost all tourist cities of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is home of Camels. But as Pushkar is known for the trading of camels during fair, so it’s very common and popular to have a camel ride in deserts of Pushkar.

When I headed to Pushkar I didn’t think of this but when I saw someone riding it, I felt something to have this feel. that’s the only reason I did this. When I sat on its back, I felt good as it was in sitting position. But when it stood up it made me feel nervous as it bent too much forward. After this, it started walking on the way. It was good at starting but after a few minutes it started running and the caretaker of this camel was a kid (around 13) who was going away of it, so it felt me a bit worried.

As it crossed nearby areas and then comes a sand area so it was very nice to ride it there. This is the only animal which can run on sand without getting much tired. Horses are also available for a ride in Pushkar so it’s up to you to choose which one is suitable.

Which places to visit during the ride: 

Rose farms, A Haveli (Used for a Bollywood film shooting- Karan Arjun), and A desert.

There are rose farms in Pushkar so next time whenever you go there you can buy Gulkand(made of Rose petals) from Pushkar market. You can also take some great shots and selfies in desert sand areas of Pushkar during your camel ride, as its a bit far from Pushkar town. This desert sand area gives you a feel like Thar Desert of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

Cost of Ride:

Its cost depends up to time you visit. I visited this in the month of January. It cost me around 300 Rupees for a 20-25 minute ride. This may vary accordingly so don’t bargain much.

Best time to Visit:

I  prefer to visit this place in either month of October-November or January-February are fine. It will be much better if visiting this place in winter as it’s humidity is pretty high.
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