Jaipur is capital of rajasthan. this is also known as pink city. this is called so because the colour of buildings was in geruva (a light brown colour) by sawai man singh. this is a beautiful city which have many destinations to visit. Most of these places are related to history and also represents unique architecture.

Rajasthan is full of historical view as well as forts and different kind of cultural festivals. Jaipur city is surrounded by walls around the city which are known as “parkota”, which were used in ancient times to protect from enemies.

Places to visit in jaipur

  • Jal Mahal 


Jal Mahal in Jaipur

Jalmahal was constructed by Madho singh in 1750 AD. It was built only for staying there during hunting season.

Jalmahal is one of my best places to visit in Jaipur so i will recommend to surely visit this place whenever you are visiting jaipur as this is a beautiful place. In this a palace is surrounded by water, which is a lake. Name of this lake is ManSagar Lake.                              

Jal Mahal Palace

Landscapes are surrounding around this place which may be a good view for nature lovers. when you go to this place you can feed fish.

Visiting this place will take very less time so its must to visit if you are going jaipur. you can feel relaxed near lake. There is also a Chaupati near to lake so it can be good to spend time there if you are going there with family.

Basically it all depends upto you to spend time there but it will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour atleast to visit this place.

Beautiful Palce Jalmahal View

How to go in Palace:

Unfortunately it is not possible to go inside palace because this is not possible. so you can only view the palace from far distance, though you will absolutely feel its beautiful architecture.

  • Hawa Mahal : 


Hawa mahal is one of unique monuments of architecture. Its the only type of palace of this design around the globe. there is no such historical palace anywhere else like this. This was made by maharaja Pratap singh in 1799 AD. 
About Palace: 
In Hawa Mahal ‘Hawa’ means “Air” and ‘Mahal’ means “Palace”. So after this it makes a palace of wind i.e. a wind palace. Its designed such that air strikes with the windows and it circulates internally inside the palace. 


    Hawa Mahal in jaipur

    This palace is constructed with amazing architecture and design which is integral part of its beauty. It is worth visit place if you are visiting jaipur. this is an easy trip which means you will not get tired because its not a big palace or a fort like amer fort. so it will take less time too. though it will be great to take breakfast before heading there.

    How to reach: 

    This place is in center of city so it is easy to go to this place. this is at “Badi Chopad” in Jaipur.

    Best time to go :

    the best time to go this place is in morning. it will be good if its 10-11 AM because at this time rush is less. It will only take around 1 hour to visit this place if you take enough time to know about this place.

    • Amber Fort 


    Amber Fort View

    This is a fort surrounded by mountains and landscapes located in jaipur city. It is combination of Mughal and Rajasthani Architecture. It is a huge fort and also placed in UNESCO world heritage places.

    It is unique in itself because of its architeture and natural heart touching views in surroundings. There are two more forts, i.e. Nahargarh fort and Jaigarh fort near this one but both are root is a bit different to reach there.

    Amer Fort evening view

    When to go: 

    This maybe a worst experience if going there in summer season because temperature is around 45 to 52 degree celcius which is too hot. It maybe good time to go there in winter season as it is surrouded with fog around it which makes it more beautiful with surrounding landscapes.

    Amer Fort in jaipur

    Where to stay: 

    In jaipur city there are many budget and premium hotels available. So its very easy to find a good hotel there. It will be good to book hotel or a guest house whatever suitable few days before your visit. There are some good hotels also available in Amer town as well, so it maybe a nice experience to stay there near to beautiful landscapes.

    How to reach: 

    Taxi and city bus both are easily available from jaipur city to amer fort. You can also hire an auto whatever preferable for you. If you have enough time to spend in jaipur then atleast once travel in city bus. If you want to know about city then travel in city bus is must.

    From jaipur city , both AC and non AC buses are easily available. To identify, Red color bus is AC and blue and white color buses are non AC.


    Elephant ride: Yeah! you heard right. Elephant ride is also available to go to amer fort as it is on some hight from ground. This is a nice ride and maybe an adventure which is much much better than any other motored vehicles.

    When an elephant walks on the slope , its a nice experience. It makes it much special when that elephant is decorated with beautiful clothes and it looks like a well dressed citizen. Lol

    Cost of Ride: The cost of elephant ride is around 1000 to 2000 Rupees. Though it depends on your timing and some other conditions.


    Amer fort Jaipur

    • City Palace

    This was a redential palace of Royal families from jaipur in ancient times. When you will go at this place you can see how was lifestyle of those royal families. Of course there are many more to know about . It a museum where you can find some beautiful arcitecture of buildings as well. 

    This is known as city palace as it is located in city and was a palace of Royal families. This is near to Jantar mantar and also near to center of city as well. 
    Albert Hall Museum           


    Albert Hall museum

    Festival at Albert Hall in Jaipur

    • Jantar Mantar

    It was constructed by Maharaja Jaisingh II in early 18th century. This is one of Five Jantar mantar of India. The word “Jantar Mantar” means instruments used for measuring astronomical units and different methods of measuring time and distance. 

    This place can be nice option to visit in jaipur. This is a historical and educational place so many things about history and astronomy can be learn by visitor. This is located in jaipur city area. this is easy to reach here. This is also a UNESCO World heritage site. 
    In ancient times there were no clocks and long distance measuring instruments were being used. These instruments were useful for measuring complicated units. 
    Time to visit: 

    You can go here any time wheather it is summer or winter because it can be an educational tour to know about ancient inventions which brilliant indian minds did. They implemented science at the that time, though No one know names of those inventors till now. 
    • Galta Ji (Holy place)
    • Nahargarh Fort
    • Jaigarh Fort
    • Jaipur Zoo


    Deer at Jaipur Zoo

    White Bengal Tiger


      Siberian Painted Stork Crane at jaipur Zoo

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