Indian Railways 

New Delhi Railway Station

Indian railways are one of the world’s biggest railway network which is spread in almost all parts of India. Indian railway is the biggest source of income for the Indian Government. It is a lifeline of many Indians as its the most common and convenient way of transportation.

Condition of Railways: 

If I have to describe Indian railways then I will say ‘its like two faces of a coin‘. Like a coin has two sides it also has two faces. One is the bright side and another one is the dark side.

First, I will talk about the positive side.

  • Cost of tickets is affordable and less than other ways of transportation.
  • It takes less time than other transportation modes. 
  • Indian railway is extended to almost all parts of India, as it is one of the biggest rail networks. so this is very easy to get a train from any city in India except hilly areas.
  • It’s loaded with different kind of bogy from unreserved to sitting reservation and also AC. It depends up to the traveller to choose any of these according to the budget which is also a positive thing. It’s neither just for rich nor for a poor. Anyone can travel in Indian railways.

Although it also has some negative things to use this mode of transportation. Now let’s talk about its negative side.

  • If we talk about Cleanliness in Indian railways then I will say its worst sometimes and sometimes it’s fine. But I can surely say that the Indian government is trying best to make it clean but Most of the Indian citizens who travel in rail do not keep it clean. that’s the only reason it’s not clean sometimes which makes a bad impact on railways in India.
  • Sometimes seats are not comfortable and even not tolerable for travel. This is the worst thing you may experience sometime. Even if you reserved your seat, your seat is not comfortable. You can’t sit for hours on such trains. I think they should fix this problem.
  • Speed of trains is not Good. It’s just fine. Speed is not good for someone who comes here from a developed country like Japan, China or any other. But for Indians who are habitual with this, this is not bad for the money they spend on a ticket. In my opinion, the cost of the ticket is less than the service they give. So I respect it that railways are taking care of citizens pocket also.
  • Rush is excessive in trains. Enter in a train at a platform in metro cities is like winning an oscar. isn’t it. As India is one of the biggest populated countries so this is not unexpected. If You are out of India and thinking to visit India and travel by train then keep yourself fit to enter and adjust in a crowded train.

Railway junction. 

What you can do to avoid any hassle

  • Always reserve your seat a few days before your travel date. If you are a budget traveler like me then book your ticket in the second sitting reservation which is just a bit more than general which is affordable too.
  • Don’t talk on call or use your cellphone standing near to gate. This is not allowed and not safe for you too to avoid any unexpected happening.
  • keep your purse, mobile, laptop bag and any other essentials as near as you can. There are many pickpocketers and thieves who can pick your essential. so be aware of this.

Your safety depends up to you. Accidents may happen anytime but you can only keep yourself safe at your own. So always keep safe and travel in Indian railways. If you like this post then let me know, what you think about it. You can also share this with your friends who can know about it in detail.

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