This is a garden which is made of Sculptures, rock structures, and unique architectural designs. These all things are made beautifully which will attract you to these ancient looking antiques.

Chandigarh is a city which comes in the union territory of India. This is one of the cleanest city that’s why this is among the smart city of India. Chandigarh is a “city of Peace”. This is well arranged and designed with planning. 

This city is in between two states of India i.e. Punjab and Haryana so this is also capital of both Punjab and Haryana. I like the culture of this city. There are many places to visit to know about the culture and lifestyle of this city. 

Rock Garden Chandigarh : 

It was an evening. After booking a cab I headed to Rock garden which is about 10 km. which took 15 minutes. Then after taking a ticket which costs 30 rs. I was In. After the entrance, there were some designs which were made of stones. Some were as usual and some of them were attractive, no doubt. 

Designs are not only made on stone, But Even wood is also structured in an attractive way. Instead of calling it a garden They should call it “A Museum”. Although a natural touch is given here. It’s not just a garden it’s more than that. 

I stayed three days in this city that is enough for visiting all the tourist places in this city. My hotel was near to almost all tourist places so it was convenient for me to reach those places. This is really very necessary to choose a hotel which is near to tourist places. 

The most interesting thing here is that its made of industrial and home waste material. These items were being recycled and used to make such beautiful designs. Isn’t it a good place! This is spread in a large area.  

These all things shows dedication and hard work of a person who was an employee of archaeological dept. of  Govt. One day someone noticed his work which he was doing just as an artist, not as an employee of that department. Then Govt. officials realized that this is a nice art and they should praise him for his excellent work then they supported him financially and for expanding his work. 
One day in New Delhi

Name of that person is Nek chand. He started all this alone and ended with some other members also. But Credit goes to him because he started all this alone with his hard work. 

This place gives a message of Preserving our nature and not to pollute this. If someone can make these designs from a recycled material then why not we can save nature. 


The rock garden is so designed that it looks natural and gives a feeling of being near to something natural. Though it was built with a purpose to make something creative. Designs are extremely beautiful and alluring. 

The thing I like most here is the cave like the look and wooden structures on trees. The second thing I like is an artificial waterfall which doesn’t look artificial. This is a beautiful waterfall which gives a natural feeling when waterfall down of it. 

This place is good for selfie lovers also. So enjoy your trip whenever you go there.  

Things To Know Before Visiting Rock Garden

Timings: 9 am to 6 pm 
ticket: 30 rs for Indian tourists
Best time to visit: Morning or evening
Location: About 10 km. from the city centre and is near to Sukhna Lake.

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